What do you need to do to CHANGE your current family law orders?

Always hire An experienced family law attorney

David Brambila Family Law Attorney

The majority of people who come to Whalley Law needing a modification of their family law orders have either had bad representation or represented themselves in the previous proceedings.  We cannot stress the need for competent representation.

The most common mistake made by most people who represent themselves or have an bad attorney is expecting that they can change their court orders easily at a later date.  Most people are in a rush to get through the process to either end the misery or save a few dollars.  While both are understood, not having divorce or custody orders that are well drafted will only lead to additional problems in the future.

If you need a modification of court orders, hire competent representation first.  You want to make sure the divorce or custody orders are done correctly so you do not have to go back to court.

Modifying Divorce orders can be difficult if you don't understand what is required.

During the divorce process, some type of agreement is drawn up or the court will issue a ruling. This can involve many different factors, including how your belongings may be separated, how much time you get with your children, child support, and spousal maintenance. 

However, nobody can plan the future.  After you have completed your divorce, circumstances might change.  This means that your divorce orders such as your parenting plan or child support order need to be changed due to those circumstances.  With the support of an experienced legal team such as Whalley Law, you may be able to make modifications to your agreement.

Before you try and change your orders on your own or even attempt to negotiate with the other party, making sure you understand what it takes to modify your current family law orders is important. 

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Most common court orders people want to modify:

divorce orders

Spousal Maintenance

Parenting Plans

Child Support Order

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