Jeff Whalley, Attorney, Washington State

Jeffery Whalley

Managing Attorney

Jeff Whalley, a dedicated managing attorney hailing from Tacoma, WA, is renowned for his commitment to community service and legal excellence. In 2011, he founded Whalley Law, driven by a vision instilled during his undergraduate years at Utica College, where a mentor sparked his passion for leveraging the law to foster positive change in communities like Tacoma. Jeff’s educational journey includes earning a J.D. from Seattle University and an MA in Sports Administration and Leadership.


His inspiration merges with a strong work ethic cultivated on the hockey rink, a sport he played competitively during his time at Utica College. Jeff’s realization of the transformative power of law further fueled his decision to establish his own firm. Throughout his career, he has undertaken litigation across Washington state, including appearances in the court of appeals.


While specializing in high-conflict family law and personal injury cases, Jeff Whalley thrives on tackling the toughest legal challenges that others might shy away from. His practice extends beyond these areas, demonstrating his versatility in navigating highly contested litigation across various legal domains. Jeff’s ethos revolves around dedication to clients, a robust work ethic, and a relentless pursuit of justice in the service of the Tacoma community.

Jeff’s dreams include opening a school based in non-traditional learning, and maybe seeing his young son Gavin out on the ice one day. Go Stars!