Lexi Smith

Lexi Smith

President of Business Operations Eastern Washington

Lexi Smith is the dynamic President of Business Operations Eastern Washington at Whalley Law, bringing over a decade of invaluable experience to her role. With a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Lexi serves as the go-to person for all matters in the Spokane office, showcasing her exceptional skills and commitment.

In her pursuit of excellence, Lexi is a driving force behind the ambition to elevate Whalley Law to unprecedented success. Beyond her professional achievements, she is a devoted wife and mother of three children.



Lexi’s passion for the outdoors is evident in her diverse interests, from hunting and horn hunting to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts. Her culinary prowess is showcased in her love for cooking, while her adventurous spirit extends to a dream of owning a ranch with vast acres. In a nod to her appetite for excitement, Lexi harbors a dream of participating in the adrenaline-fueled challenges of “The Amazing Race.”

Lexi Smith embodies a harmonious blend of professional acumen, familial devotion, and a zest for life’s adventures, making her an integral part of Whalley Laws’ journey towards unparalleled success.