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Starting A Divorce in Pierce County, Washington

If you are considering filing a divorce in Pierce County, Washington, there are some important steps to consider.  Whether you live in Tacoma, University Place, Gig Harbor, North End Tacoma, Ruston, Buckley, Eatonville, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Carbonado, Dupont, Edgewood, Fircrest, Milton, Pacific, Roy, Steilacoom, Wilkeson, South Prairie, Graham, Spanaway, Puyallup, Joint Base Lewis McChord, Lakewood, Fircrest, Fife, or any other city/town in Pierce County, your divorce will take place at the Pierce County Superior Court, in Tacoma. 

When considering whether or not to file for divorce, it is important to think about several things.  One of the first things to think about is what does the marital community comprise itself of.  Is your divorce going to include children, assets, debts, retirement accounts, houses, vacation rentals, timeshares or any other things that both parties will want?  Gather as much information as possible so you are prepared for the process. 

Once you have thought about what there is to be divided, the first step in starting a divorce is to find an attorney that can represent your interests in the divorce proceedings.  While it is possible to represent yourself in divorce, though you will likely not have the results you are looking for.  Find the Best Pierce County Divorce Lawyer for your needs.  Whalley Law has been recognized annually for having some of the best family law attorneys in Pierce and King County.  Their attorneys help guide you through the divorce process, understanding the emotional and financial impact the process can have. 

Having selected one of the Best Pierce County Divorce Lawyers, they will help to walk you through the initial steps of filing for divorce.  There are several documents that are needed to start the divorce process in Pierce County.  You will need a Petition for Dissolution,  Summons and Confidential Information Form

Complete these forms and then you are almost ready to file. While there are other divorce pleadings you will need to file, these will help get the process started.  Washington State Court website provides a great sample of the forms for which you can begin drafting.  Washington Court Divorce Forms 

Starting a divorce in can be very difficult and a challenging time in your life.  Making sure you are prepared prior to filing and having the best lawyer to guide you are the first steps.  

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