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Things to think about before divorce.

If you are considering divorce, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions, emotions, and life changes the process involves. Because getting a divorce is such a big step.

Before you go through the time expense and angst of going through a divorce, think long and hard about whether your marriage can be fixed. You need to weigh whether you can live a happy life in your current situation and that if the compromises necessary are worth it. There is no one size fits all divorce, so there is a wide range of possible cost breakdowns.

  • An uncontested divorce will be the fastest and least expensive.
  • A mediated divorce will be less costly than letting your lawyers settle a contested divorce.
  • And a trial is the most expensive option.

The average cost of a divorce in Washington ranges between $7,500 and $75,000 dependent on the issues.  You can limit the amount the divorce costs by reducing the number of issues you and your spouse are fighting over.  Typically, parenting plans have the greatest number of disagreements, which causes the expense of the process to increase.

If you have children, custody is an emotional and difficult issue. Learn about legal and physical custody and think about what arrangement would be best for your children. What you want and what would benefit them most may not be the same thing. Think about whether you and your ex can co-parent effectively and what you will need to do to help your children through the divorce. The bottom-line question you need to address is what is it that you personally truly want to need right now emotionally financially and legally. You are the one who has to live with the decisions you make. Divorce is a complex issue and is never an easy decision.

You must always remember that neither party has sole control over the process.  Many people start a divorce without understanding all the repercussions of the process.  Once the process begins, it is generally difficult to stop or change the course of the action.
If you are going to begin the process, make sure you protect yourself financially and prepare mentally for the process.  Surround yourself with those who support you, but that will also tell you when you are unreasonable.  Don’t be ashamed you are going through the process.  Relationships are hard, and so is the transition process.

Take the time to consider all the issues involved and be patient with yourself as you work through the ups and downs of the decision-making process. If you and your spouse have made up your mind and want to go ahead with the divorce reach out to our office for a free consultation.

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